GAME CREDITS update — October 2020

Good day GAME faithful and welcome to another installment of the monthly update here at GAME HQ. This has been one of the busiest months in company history as we’ve rounded off our next feature release! Let’s dive into the details of the release and everything else happening with GAME.


We’ve also been hard at work implementing a new landing page that will highlight featured creators to support and feature NFT Collectible for purchase. This new home page will allow us to feature the projects we’re excited about and feel that you should be too.

With the launch today creators will be able to add themselves to our rewards portal, like games do today. In addition they will be able to mint their own NFT in our Foundry and sell them for GAME Credits to you, their fans. We cannot wait to see what types of collectibles they come up with.

Next up for the team is to get the secondary market UI done and some other important features that will make onboarding and collectible purchases more seamless.

Also in October we brought on two new developers to help with the workload and bring more expertise to the team.

For Nova Blitz, we are finalizing In App Purchases, testing and builds for release to Google Play and Apple App Store. The game plays really well on mobile devices, and this will help maximize our distribution influence before going to the blockchain. Second, we have started building out our migration of the economy data to the GAME Credits platform and finishing our Unity SDK Libraries.

Now that things are winding down on our upcoming release, we’ll be looking forward to talking about what’s coming next in the November update!


October also saw the official launch of the GAME Credits HQ in Decentraland and more specifically, Crypto Valley at the coordinates 59,14. Come check out our new space!

We’re continuing our weekly live streaming on Twitch Tues/Weds/Thurs. You can see the schedule here:

Check out our CEO, Jason Cassidy, talk about the GAME CREDITS Platform on the #GamesFromTheBlock Podcast!

CEO Jason Cassidy speaks at the CGC conference about the The NFT Revolution —

As time progresses we’ll be expanding even further into the public eye with more interviews, AMAs, and podcasts bringing you a wealth of information on the platform and its features. Keep an eye out for new content each week shared through our social media channels to get a direct look into the platform as told by our team members themselves.


As discussed in previous updates our GAME Ambassador Program will be going live soon. We are currently running pilots of the program with select users and community members. After some time we will open up public applications for this program. In the meantime, if you think you have what it takes to become an ambassador feel free to join our Discord so you can discuss this with team members directly

Keep your eye out for more NovaBlitz news as we edge closer to launching on Google Play and the Apple Store. Once this is live there will be plenty of opportunities to earn prizes and even compete directly against GAME team members.

Closing Thoughts:

From the beginning we’ve focused on bringing a functional, exciting product to the masses. We believe the road to mass adoption lies with Gaming and NFTs and we will be here with you to see that vision through. We hope you’ll join us for this inevitable paradigm shift in the way the world GAMEs.

GAME on!

GAME Credits is the first gaming cryptocurrency in history, launched in Feb 2014. We create decentralized tools and services for the Esports and NFT industry.