GAME CREDITS update — November 2020

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3 min readDec 19, 2020


Good day GAME faithful and welcome to another installment of the monthly update here at GAME HQ. This has again been one of the busiest months in company history as we’ve rounded off our next feature release! Let’s dive into the details of the release and everything else happening with GAME.


November saw the release of the GAME Foundry, allowing creators of all types to mint their own custom NFTs. This tool will become integral in creating in-game items and other rewards players can purchase with the loyalty points they earn on the GAME Rewards portal.

Our champions campaign has also launched and is kicking off with well known streamer BTC Daddy. Join BTC Daddy, watch him game, and learn more about GAME Credits.

Our CEO Jason Cassidy joined Kenn Bosak on the “Not Another Bitcoin Podcast” which can be viewed here:

Jason also joined the Futurist Conference 2020. Check out his keynote panel about the future of gaming and non-fungible tokens! (2:34:42) —

GAME Credits has established its HQ in yet another Metaverse, this time, Somnium Space. We invite you to check out this new space along with our other Metaverse HQs. This is an area we will continue expanding into.

Check out our CIO Matt Quirk at the Blockchain Gaming Alliance Demo Day (19:30)


As mentioned above, November saw the launch of our NFT Foundry. Creators are able to mint their own NFTs and make them available for purchase. If you haven’t checked it out lately be sure to visit to pick up some collectibles of your own!

Now that the NFT Foundry has been launched we have turned our attention to the next three big features we’ll be rolling out, including User Accounts, Loyalty Points and a Marketplace for you to buy and sell your NFT collectibles on.

Loyalty Points brings DeFi to gaming as you earn NFTs with points by supporting your favorite creators on the rewards portal. Loyalty Points can be used to purchase collectibles in the same way as GAME Credits. What is really exciting is the fact you are already earning them behind the scenes for several months if you have creator’s that you are currently supporting. More news will be coming on this new feature soon!

As with most software projects, we are in a beta mode with these new features so please be patient. Furthermore, we need your feedback! If you do encounter an issue with the site during any step of the process please contact us at We will work with you to resolve any issues you encounter.

We are continuing to grow our team, in November we brought on a DevOps engineer to help us out with deployments, automated testing and server optimization.

For Nova Blitz, we are finalizing In App Purchases, testing and builds for release to Google Play and Apple App Store. As some of you know, the mobile experience really shines comparatively. We want to maximize our distribution influence before going to the blockchain. Second, we have started building out our migration of the economy data to the GAME Credits platform and finishing our Unity SDK Libraries.

Closing Thoughts:

Keeping with the theme of these updates, November has been a very busy month. We are excited to continue developing the features we’ve already deployed and are thrilled to be on the cusp of bringing you even more. As this ecosystem continues to grow we’re thrilled to see our community grow with it. A big thank you to those who help continue spread the word. Finally, all of us from the GAME Credits team wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. We’ll see you soon for our year end update. GAME on!



GAME Credits

GAME Credits is the first gaming cryptocurrency in history, launched in Feb 2014. We create decentralized tools and services for the Esports and NFT industry.