GAME Credits update — June



  • We have formed a long-term strategic partnership with BarterTrade exchange. BarterTrade offers an easy, smart, social and gamified way to spend and trade crypto. Our partnership will encompass many activities including working closely with each others communities to help us both grow in lockstep within the industry. Find out more about our newest partner at:
  • Giveaways for GAME swag (hats, shirts, stickers, etc) continue and we thank everyone for contributing. More giveaways will be happening soon so if you missed out on the previous one keep watching for more in the near future.
  • GAME Credits is going to be releasing its own storefront on the website which will have some great apparel for sale along with some truly unique GAME gear. You will definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for the debut of the store as some of the items in there will be truly one of a kind.
  • We are running targeted social media ad campaigns across various platforms to ensure the crypto world is aware of GAME Credits revival.
  • GAME Credits has recently been listed on HotBit and WhiteBit exchanges, both are top 100 exchanges with a growing user base. We will be looking to add more exchanges in the future however our goal is to sustainable growth. This means we will be taking the time and resources required to build up real trading action on each of our listings before we move on to adding yet more exchanges.
  • GAME Credits recently took part in Decentraland’s first ever soccer tournament. As a sponsor we were able to get involved at a deep level and will be part of more historic events in the various Metaverses (more on this below).
  • Multiple marketing / social media people are being brought on to the team to help improve our reach, message and engagement levels across the board.
  • We will be considering larger exchanges (Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, etc) once we have ensured our current exchange listings are in good shape and reflect well upon us before applying.
  • Trading contests for GAME tokens are happening in the month of July on HotBit and BitBay. We will be doing more trading contests on other exchanges over the course of the year, so there will be countless opportunities to earn more GAME.
  • More crypto and mainstream press is coming now that we have transitioned to Ethereum and are one network in name and composition. Look for news on us coming out over the summer as we let the industry know that we are no longer the best kept secret in blockchain.
  • Community managers have been brought on to help grow the current community we have, as well as to form regional roots in various areas the company wishes to grow its presence. We will be unveiling our Ambassador program soon which will allow individuals to represent GAME from various geographical regions. More details forthcoming on the Ambassador program.
  • The physical GAME Credits loadable collector coins that were commissioned are now complete and will be going up for sale in the store. Keep an eye out for these, as they are truly gorgeous and are a very limited print run. They also commemorate an important era in the history of GAME Credits. We also have holograms stickers for the coins which look just as nice:


  • The first is our Educational Partner program which has been created to work with educational institutes of all sizes. The program has many ways we work with schools such as internships, assisting in curating crypto and blockchain course material, hosting hackathons, integrating GAME as a currency within the school for various activities and giving them access to GAME Tournament to host their Esports tournies in the future.
  • The second is our Metaverse program. The company has a deep passion and high IQ for the active Metaverses in blockchain which cover Decentraland, Crypto Voxels, Somnium Space and The Sandbox. The company owns prime LAND in each Metaverse and has brought on multiple advisors and team members who’s sole focus is to build GAME Credits presence in the virtual worlds. Look for us to be hosting events, meetings, and eventually implementing our entire platform into the Metaverses.

The merge:

  • Jason Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer



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GAME Credits

GAME Credits

GAME Credits is the first gaming cryptocurrency in history, launched in Feb 2014. We create decentralized tools and services for the Esports and NFT industry.