GAME Credits update — July & August


The development team has exploded in both talent and output in the past 60 days, with our total developer count now sitting at ten and growing. This has allowed us to speed up our cycles on several projects we are excited about releasing later this year.


Major improvements have been made to the marketing team as well over the past two months. We have hired a full time marketing director from ConsenSys to give a boost to our marketing IQ and you will begin to see this reflected in our work visually.

  • We have just recently deployed our Uniswap liquidity pool with a GAME / ETH trading pair. Anyone can add liquidity to the pool so please feel free to jump right in and earn the 0.3% makers fee that is up for grabs. There is also the option of adding a GAME / USDC or USDT pair which we are looking at currently. Expect more DEX options from to GAME in the future.
  • Discussions are underway with some Top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges. It is important to note that these exchanges require a litany of information, are rather picky on who they list and can often cost well over 1M USD in listing fees + security deposit. While it is preferable to be listed on many top exchanges there must be a balance between the time and cost of getting listed versus our budget and the volume we can realistically drive through those trading pairs. We are building up our liquidity based off of organic demand for GAME, which means the major focus for us is on fulfilling our road map.
  • We had a successful trading contest take place on BitBay in July and we will be running monthly contests across our various exchange partners. If you are someone that loves to earn free GAME then keep your eyes peeled as each month we are looking to pick a different exchange partner to run these contests through.
  • Daily social media engagement is the name of the GAME for us (slight pun intended). If you follow us you already know how busy things are at GAME HQ as we are constantly releasing great news regarding new products, partnerships and events. This is part of the culture at GAME Credits in that we are continually looking for ways to improve our product.
  • GAME giveaways continue every month so this is yet another great reason to follow us closely on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook and our other socials. We will be launching our YouTube channel soon and this is very relevant as we will be doing more public outreach in the industry.
  • Speaking about public outreach, GAME Credits will be more present in the industry via interviews, podcasts and conferences (virtual for now with COVID 19). We have several conferences we will be attending later this year including Futurist and CGC. is a digital conference that runs from Sept 22–26th and GAME will be the lead sponsor there as well as a key speaker. Keep your eyes peeled on socials for more updates.
  • We also have a Twitch channel launched and will be conducting monthly interviews and AMA’s with the community. Our COO Josh Morton recently conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the community and the team will be taking turns with these opportunities so that the public can get a chance to get to know the key players at GAME.
  • The GAME Ambassador program will be making its debut later this year. This is a vestige from the NovaToken days and will be relaunched under the GAME banner. This is going to be a great way to help out the company, learn about the technologies we have as well as earn some GAME by representing the brand in your geographical region. Details will be out soon on how you can get involved.


Due to the higher output on the development side, operations has been very busy keeping pace. Some highlights on the Ops side:

  • NFT rewards are coming to the portal — this is what many have been waiting for. As we get closer to nearing completion on GAME Mint, the NFT aspect of our Rewards portal begins to become a reality. There are many new features and surprises we are bringing to the portal so the best thing I can tell you here is to expect the unexpected and hold onto your GAME.
  • GAME and Splinterlands have formed a strategic partnership that goes well beyond GAME Rewards. You will be able to use GAME within Splinterlands to make purchases which is a win / win for the partnership. You can expect both companies to look at other viable ways we can assist each other to form an even stronger long term partnership
  • GAME’s Metaverse strategy has now been rolled out in its first phase which is having a presence in the various Metaverses. We have kicked this off in Decentraland where we recently took part in an event held there to present GAME Credits to the DCL community. GAME has secured top real estate in Decentraland, The Sandbox, Somnium Space and Crypto Voxels while taking a serious look at Upland currently. We will be building our HQ on these lands as well as offering our future partners some truly unique perks.
  • GAME Credits has also secured key land within the most popular district in DCL — Crypto Valley. This is akin to GAME being offered a coveted spot in Silicon Valley many years before the rest of the world knew about its relevance. We will be building in CV and we will keep you updated on this great development. The awareness that GAME is going to receive by being the first crypto gaming network to fully embrace the Metaverse is hard to measure.
  • Our Educational Partner program is also underway as we begin to work with schools across the planet on a formal basis. The start of this will be to onboard students into various GAME internships as we help cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs. This will expose the student body and faculty to GAME’s platform services which many universities and colleges have shown a keen interest in.
  • GAME Exchange is seeing progress and it will be the focus once GAME Mint is deployed later this year. We shall then shift over to getting GAME Tournament out which will fulfill our platform features.. The company is always looking at new ways to improve upon existing features and finding industry needs to bring new features to market so you will hear more news about the direction of our platform as the rest of 2020 plays out.
  • Redemptions continue for those GAME holders who are looking to swap out their old PoW GAME coin for the new ERC-20 GAME token. We have a long redemption window which covers all of 2020 so if you are just reading this now, reach out to us regarding support if you need assistance with the swap process. Our goal from the beginning has been to ensure no one is left behind and having a long grace period for holders to take part in the swap is the surest way we can fulfill that promise to you all.

Closing Thoughts:

Now that the dust has settled from the transition to Ethereum we can take a step back and reflect upon what exactly has just happened. One of the first true and pure crypto merger and acquisitions has just successfully taken place. The rest of the crypto industry is just now beginning to wrap their collective heads around what we accomplished and that is a good thing, time will bring awareness.



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GAME Credits

GAME Credits

GAME Credits is the first gaming cryptocurrency in history, launched in Feb 2014. We create decentralized tools and services for the Esports and NFT industry.