GAME Credits announces the GAME Rewards portal

July 7, 2020

GAME Credits is proud to announce the official launch of the GAME Rewards portal. Holders of GAME can now earn free $GAME tokens each week for simply staking their GAME tokens on their favorite games signed up on the portal.

There are 100,000 GAME tokens in rewards available each week that is split evenly between the GAME holders who are staking (50,000 GAME) and the game developers who have signed up on the portal (50,000 GAME). The more GAME tokens staked on a given game, the more of the 50,000 weekly GAME pot that game developer will receive. The more GAME you stake on a given game as a holder of GAME, the more GAME you will earn. You can choose to stake or unstake your GAME tokens at any time as you are not locked in.

The more GAME a holder stakes on a given game, the more of the 50,00 weekly GAME pot the holder will receive. So the more GAME you stake, the more GAME you earn. We will be running the Rewards portal weekly for the indefinite future and have it funded for several years so this is very much a part of the GAME Credits platform now.

We will be adding in various features to the portal over time like a leaderboard, the ability to earn NFT’s (digital collectibles) from the games themselves, special promotions for GAME holders and much, much more. If you know of a game that you want to support, recommend them to the Rewards portal as it is completely free for a game to sign up on the portal.

Head on over to the GAME Rewards portal today and start earning GAME tokens each week, you do not want to miss out on this incredible opportunity

GAME Credits is the first gaming cryptocurrency in history, launched in Feb 2014. We create decentralized tools and services for the Esports and NFT industry.